A new Qualcomm chipset is expected to power the high-resolution, mid-range smartphones of the near future.

Qualcomm's latest Snapdragon 7 Plus (or 7+) Gen 3 powers some of the most recent Android smartphones on the market

Snapdragon 7s Gen 3: A New Mid-Range Processor from Qualcomm, Rumored to Power 1.5K OLED Displays

Qualcomm's latest Snapdragon 7 Plus (or 7+) Gen 3 powers some of the most recent Android smartphones on the market, including those with the popular 1.5K OLED display. However, a well-known leaker claims that a new alternative is on the way from that processor's own series. It is said to power screens of comparable quality in upcoming gadgets with impressive mobility and camera hardware.

The Nord CE4. (Source: OnePlus)

Qualcomm's simplification of its upper-midrange processors for Android smartphones has resulted in a series of Snapdragon 7 and 7+ SoCs, now known as the third generation. However, according to famed leaker Digital Chat Station, they will be joined by a new sibling soon.

It is expected to emerge as the Snapdragon 7s Gen 3 soon, with the Qualcomm product number SM7635 in the meanwhile. Accordingly, based on its reported product name, it appears to fall in between the 7 and 7+ Gen 3 in terms of performance and likely price range. Nonetheless, it appears to be rated to drive the higher-end 1.5K OLED screens that have so far been associated with the 7+ Gen 3.

However, there is not a significant difference between the two existing processors, particularly on the worldwide market. For example, the 7 Gen 3-powered (and FHD+) OnePlus Nord CE4 now starts at INR 24,999 in India, however the forthcoming 7+ Gen 3-based Realme GT 6T may be available for only INR 2,000 more with the introductory reductions that will accompany its upcoming release.


Digital Chat Station via Weibo

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