Get Ready for a Handheld Showdown: ZOTAC ZONE vs ASUS ROG Ally X

ZOTAC throws down with the ZONE, a new gaming handheld featuring an AMOLED display and innovative triggers. Can it challenge the ASUS ROG Ally X?

Handheld Gaming Face-Off: ZOTAC ZONE Takes on ASUS ROG Ally X

The gloves are off in the world of gaming handhelds! ASUS may have thrown down the gauntlet with the ROG Ally X, but ZOTAC is crashing the party with the ZONE. This newcomer promises to shake things up with an AMOLED display and innovative two-stage triggers, setting the stage for an epic battle at Computex 2024.

ZOTAC ZONE Gaming Handheld

(Image source: ZOTAC - edited)

ZOTAC is a familiar name in the PC world, especially for their Magnus ONE mini-PC line. But they're about to enter a whole new arena with the ZONE. This first foray into handheld gaming takes aim at the likes of the ROG Ally X (currently priced at $489.99 on Amazon) and seeks to carve its own niche in the booming market.

What Makes the ZOTAC ZONE Stand Out

Here's what sets the ZOTAC ZONE apart:

  • A Visual Advantage: Unlike most Windows gaming handhelds, the ZONE boasts an AMOLED display, a technology known for its superior contrast and vibrant colors. This could be a game-changer for visual fidelity on the go.
  • Trigger Happy: ZOTAC is equipping the ZONE with two-stage triggers, potentially similar to those found on Valve's Steam Controller. This could offer more precise control and a more console-like experience in your hands.
  • Mystery Features: Whispers suggest a mouse toggle on the ZONE's back, but its exact functionality remains under wraps. ZOTAC is keeping us guessing until Computex!

Speaking of Computex, that's where ZOTAC plans to unleash the ZONE upon the world. Get ready for June 4th-7th in Taipei, where attendees can hopefully get their hands on playable prototypes.

So, will the ZOTAC ZONE dethrone the ROG Ally X as the king of the handheld hill? Only time (and benchmarks) will tell. But one thing's for sure: the future of mobile gaming is looking increasingly bright and feature-packed.


(Image source: ZOTAC)

ZOTAC ZONE Handheld 2

(Image source: ZOTAC)


ZOTAC Twitter (1), Twitter (2) via VideoCardz

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