AMD Strix Point Laptops: Release Date, Specs & Availability Rumors

AMD Strix Point laptops are coming soon! Get the latest leaks on release date, performance, battery life, and why this could be AMD's biggest laptop

AMD Strix Point: The Biggest Laptop Launch in AMD's History?

Get ready for a flood of new AMD laptops! Rumors suggest that AMD's next-generation Ryzen AI chips, codenamed Strix Point, are set to hit shelves in mid-July. Unlike previous launches, this one promises to be different, with AMD aiming for wide availability from the get-go.

AMD Strix Point
(image via AMD)

Here are the key takeaways:

  • Abundant Supply: Unlike previous generations plagued by scarcity, Strix Point laptops are rumored to be readily available at launch.
  • Asus Leading the Charge: Asus will reportedly have the lion's share of Strix Point laptops available, thanks to a "huge deal with AMD."
  • Desktop-Class Performance: The flagship Ryzen AI 9 HX 370 promises performance comparable to the desktop Ryzen 9 9950X, along with an impressive Radeon 890M iGPU.
  • Mid-Range and Entry-Level Coming Later: While initial releases will likely focus on high-end models, expect mid-range and entry-level Strix Point laptops to debut at CES.
  • Strix Halo in 2025: The true flagship Strix Point chip, rumored to be called Strix Halo, is not expected until much later, sometime in 2025.

What This Means for Consumers:

This could be great news for anyone looking for a powerful new laptop. With Intel's competing Lunar Lake chips not expected until later in the year, AMD has a golden opportunity to capture a significant chunk of the market. The combination of strong performance and wide availability could make Strix Point laptops highly sought after.

Source: Moore's Law is Dead

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