ColorOS 14 Gets AI Boost: Compatible OPPO & OnePlus Phones

ColorOS 14 is getting two major updates with AI features! Find out what's new, when you'll get it, and if your OPPO or OnePlus phone is compatible.

ColorOS 14 is Getting an AI Upgrade: Compatible Smartphones Listed

OPPO and OnePlus smartphones running ColorOS 14 are about to receive two major updates packed with new features, including a range of AI-powered tools. Here's what's included, when you can expect the updates, and which devices will be supported:

ColorOS 14

Update 1: Available Now (June 5th - July 10th)

This update began rolling out on June 5th and will be available for all compatible devices by July 10th. New features include:

  • Notification hiding during screen recording
  • Enhanced screenshot editor with lines, circles, arrows, and rectangles
  • Wallpaper blurring
  • Improved task sorting in the scheduler
  • New call recording icon
  • Enhanced time zone settings in the calendar
  • Time zone reminders and task scheduling based on them
  • New icons for media files for easier browsing when sharing albums
ColorOS 14

Supported devices for Update :

  • OPPO Find N3, N3 Flip
  • OPPO Find X7, X7 Ultra, X7 Ultra Satellite Communication Edition
  • OPPO Find X6, X6 Pro
  • OPPO Reno11, 11 Pro
  • OnePlus 11, 12
  • OnePlus Ace 3, 3V
  • OnePlus Ace 2, 2 Pro

Update 2: Rolling Out Now (June 19th - August 15th)

This update started rolling out on June 19th and will reach all compatible devices by August 15th (depending on the region). It focuses on enhancing existing features with artificial intelligence and introducing new AI-powered tools:

  • Xiaobu Travel Assistant
  • Xiaobu Document Q&A for summarizing and analyzing documents
  • AI Elimination for photos
  • AI Cutout for removing objects from images
  • Improved visual effects when launching multiple apps and desktop plugins
  • Smoother notification center expansion
  • Fluid Cloud music playback in the system player
  • Microsoft PhoneLink Hotspot for quick access point sharing
  • Enhanced privacy for the calendar and clipboard
  • Overall smoother system performance
ColorOS 14

Note: AI Cutout, Xiaobu Travel Assistant, and Document Q&A will also be available as standalone apps in the OPPO and OnePlus app stores.

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