Mind-Controlled Elden Ring! Streamer Conquers DLC Without Hands

Watch in awe as streamer Perri takes on Elden Ring's challenging DLC using only the power of her mind and an EEG device. No hands, no problem!

No Hands Needed: Streamer Conquers Elden Ring DLC Using Only Her Mind

Hardcore RPGs from FromSoftware have a history of inspiring incredible gaming feats. We've seen players conquer Dark Souls with bananas and dance pads, but now things are getting even more impressive, moving beyond gadgets and into the realm of telepathy (well, almost).

Elden Ring DLC

Streamer Perri has begun her journey through Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree using an electroencephalography (EEG) device, allowing her to control her character without using her hands – just the power of her mind. It's no easy feat: not only are the DLC bosses incredibly challenging, but victory requires intense focus. Stray thoughts can disrupt the control, and Perri barely scraped by her second boss encounter.

Elden Ring DLC

This isn't Perri's first mind-controlled rodeo. She previously completed the main Elden Ring game using the EEG device (although she did need a controller for movement and dodging at the time). She even experimented with playing Valorant and Halo Infinite multiplayer, but without much success (her kill-death ratio in Halo was a humbling 0-25). Still, she enjoyed the unique experience.

How it Works

The EEG device works by tracking bioelectrical activity in the brain through electrodes placed on the scalp. No actual magic involved!

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