Gamers Outraged Over Jean Grey's Design in Marvel's Wolverine

Gamers are criticizing Jean Grey's appearance in the upcoming Marvel's Wolverine game, with some blaming consulting firm "Sweet Baby" for the changes.

Gamers Outraged by Jean Grey's Appearance in Marvel's Wolverine, Blaming "Sweet Baby"

The internet is at it again, and this time, Jean Grey's looks in the upcoming Marvel's Wolverine are at the center of the controversy. While leaked early builds of the game sparked discussions last year, a recent tweet has reignited the flames, with some pointing fingers at consulting firm Sweet Baby Inc.


Mark Kern, a former Blizzard Entertainment employee and now a prominent Twitter/X personality, drew attention to the evolution of Jean Grey's appearance throughout the game's development. He argued that her initial design was more aesthetically pleasing, but was later altered to a more "masculine and haggard" look. Kern claims this transformation was influenced by Sweet Baby Inc., alleging that the company pressured Insomniac Games to redesign Wolverine's love interest.

Kern further elaborated, stating:

"We were told [unattractive character models are due to] the difficulty of scanning actors or just lighting tricks and bad screenshots. We were told we were incels for even questioning it. As a game developer, I knew that was BS. As gamers, you knew it was BS comparing it to Asian games."

Sweet Baby has publicly acknowledged their involvement in Marvel's Wolverine's development, but the extent of their influence remains unclear. Neither Insomniac Games nor Sony has commented on the situation or the allegations surrounding Sweet Baby's involvement in the character design changes.


While Kern's claims lack concrete evidence, they highlight a growing concern among some gamers regarding the perceived influence of external consulting firms on character design in video games.

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