MINISFORUM MS-01 Gets Price Cut With New Model Release

Looking for an affordable mini PC? MINISFORUM launches a new model of the MS-01 with a cheaper starting price. Check out the latest specs and pricing.

Minisforum MS-01 Mini PC Gets a Price Cut Thanks to Core i5 Option

Good news for those who loved the look of Minisforum's MS-01 mini PC but balked at the price tag! Minisforum has just refreshed the MS-01, and this time around, there's a more budget-friendly option on the menu.

MINISFORUM previously limited the MS-01 to Intel Core i9 processors. (Image source: MINISFORUM)

(Image source: MINISFORUM)

Originally launched back in December 2023, the MS-01 was only available with powerful (and pricey!) Intel Core i9 processors. But now, Minisforum has added a new configuration with a more mainstream Core i5 processor, making the MS-01 accessible to a wider range of users.

Core i5 Brings the Price Down

Previously, the MS-01 started at a hefty $579 for the Core i9-12900H model. But with the introduction of the Core i5-12600H variant, you can now snag this mini PC for a much more palatable $449.99 on Amazon.

And don't worry, the Core i5-12600H still packs a punch! Based on benchmarks of similar processors, you can expect performance that's just a smidge behind the Core i9 models. If you don't need the absolute bleeding edge of processing power, this new configuration offers incredible value.

More Than Just a Pretty Face

Of course, the MS-01 is more than just its processor. It's a stylish and compact mini PC with a solid set of features. To learn more about its specifications, check out our original MS-01 launch article. You can also head over to MINISFORUM's product page to explore all the configuration options and grab yours today!

(Image source: MINISFORUM)
(Image source: MINISFORUM)


Amazon & MINISFORUM via TechPowerUp

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