Google Pixel 9 and Pixel 9 Pro to Feature AI-Powered "Creative Assistant"

The upcoming Google Pixel 9 series is set to introduce the AI-powered "Creative Assistant" app.

Google Pixel 9 and Pixel 9 Pro Rumored to Debut with AI-Powered "Creative Assistant"

Google is gearing up to infuse its upcoming Pixel 9 series with powerful new AI features, going beyond the anticipated Pixie AI assistant. Leaks suggest that a "Creative Assistant" app will join Pixie, offering users tools to generate unique content.

Google Pixel 9 and Pixel 9 Pro

Here's what we know so far:

  • Creative Capabilities: This AI-powered app is rumored to excel at generating emojis from text and transforming images or screenshots into personalized stickers.
  • Deep Integration: Instead of existing as a standalone app, Creative Assistant's functionality will likely be integrated into core Android features, including the markup tool and potentially even Google Photos.
  • Pixel Exclusive (For Now): While discovered within the Android 15 Beta 3 code, Creative Assistant is clearly positioned as a Pixel exclusive feature. However, like past AI features such as Magic Eraser, it may eventually make its way to other Pixel devices.
  • Tensor G4 Chipset Advantage: The Pixel 9 lineup's reliance on Google's Tensor G4 chipset is believed to be key to enabling these AI capabilities.

The Pixel 9 Series - More Than Just AI:

It's worth noting that the AI features are just one part of the highly anticipated Pixel 9 series. Rumors suggest a diverse lineup:

  • Pixel 9 & Pixel 9 Pro: Launching together, with the Pro model taking direct aim at the iPhone 16 Pro.
  • Pixel 9 Pro XL: The true successor to the Pixel 8 Pro, offering a larger form factor.
  • Pixel Fold: A follow-up to the Pixel Fold, further cementing Google's presence in the foldable smartphone market.

With a potential launch date this fall, Google fans won't have long to wait to see how these AI features enhance the Pixel experience.


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