Samsung Galaxy S24 FE Might Borrow (or Recycle?) Camera Tech

Looking for a hot new camera phone? The upcoming Samsung Galaxy S24 FE might not be the upgrade you crave.

Samsung Galaxy S24 FE: Will it Wow Us with its Camera, or Just Leave Us Waiting?

The rumor mill is churning with whispers of the Samsung Galaxy S24 FE, and the latest leaks are giving us a peek (or should we say "sneak peek"?) at the camera setup on this budget-friendly flagship. Buckle up, though – you might not want to hear this. Word on the street is that it might be rocking the same main camera as the regular Galaxy S24, which, if you've been keeping track, is the same one found in the S23 and S23 FE.

Galaxy S24 FE rumored
Rumor has it, the Galaxy S24 FE might stick with the same main camera as its predecessor (Image source: Samsung [edited])

We know, we know—not exactly groundbreaking. But hey, there's still hope! While rumors suggest a late fall release, there's a good chance it might get pushed to early next year. Delays can sometimes be a good thing, right? Maybe Samsung is just taking some extra time to perfect the formula (fingers crossed!). One thing's for sure, though – the S24 FE is definitely in the works, as hinted by a recent One UI test build.

So, what about this potentially disappointing camera situation? Well, if the leaks are to be believed, we're looking at the same 50MP sensor found in the Galaxy S24, which scored a respectable 133 points on DxOMark (though that only landed it in 43rd place globally). It's not a bad camera by any means, but it does make you wonder if Samsung is playing it a little too safe. Then again, Samsung is known for reusing components across multiple phone generations, so this isn't entirely unexpected.

Don't despair just yet, though! There's a silver lining – while the camera might not get a major overhaul, rumors suggest the S24 FE could be powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 in some regions (with the Exynos 2400 in others), which would be a significant upgrade over its predecessor. Plus, we might even see a larger screen size this time around!

With Samsung's next Unpacked event just around the corner, we're hoping for more concrete details about the S24 FE. Until then, we'll just have to keep our ears to the ground and our fingers crossed for some last-minute surprises!



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