AMD "Kraken Point" Spotted? Ryzen AI 7 PRO 160 Benchmarks Surface Online

Geekbench scores of a mysterious AMD Ryzen AI 7 PRO 160 laptop CPU have surfaced, showcasing a unique 3+5 core configuration. Learn more .

New AMD Ryzen AI 7 PRO 160 CPU Hints at "Kraken Point" with Intriguing Core Configuration

A new AMD laptop CPU, the Ryzen AI 7 PRO 160, has surfaced on Geekbench, revealing an intriguing core configuration that suggests a potential link to AMD's rumored "Kraken Point" processor line.

AMD Ryzen AI 7 PRO 160 CPU

Key Takeaways:

  • Unusual 3+5 Core Layout: The CPU features 8 cores in a 3+5 configuration, hinting at a mix of Zen 5 and Zen 5c cores. This deviates from the typical Zen 5 configuration seen in previously announced Strix Point APUs.
  • Possible "Kraken Point" Connection: This unique core layout aligns with rumors of AMD's "Kraken Point" processors, which are expected to succeed "Strix Point". The "PRO" branding further suggests a business-oriented focus for this potential product line.
  • Solid Performance: Geekbench scores of 2,514 (single-core) and 11,772 (multi-core) demonstrate performance on par with other Zen 5-equipped models, reaching a boost clock of 4.2 GHz.
  • Slow RAM Configuration: Despite the promising CPU performance, the benchmark reveals surprisingly slow DDR5 RAM speeds (1,870 MT/s) for the Lenovo laptop tested. This could indicate early testing stages or potential limitations of the specific device.
AMD Ryzen AI 7 PRO 160 CPU
AMD Ryzen AI 7 PRO 160 CPU

What This Means:

The appearance of the Ryzen AI 7 PRO 160 with its unique core configuration adds weight to the rumors surrounding AMD's "Kraken Point" processors. It suggests that AMD might be preparing a successor to "Strix Point" with a focus on business-oriented laptops, potentially offering a blend of performance and efficiency through its hybrid core design.

However, it's important to note that this is based on a single Geekbench entry, and AMD has yet to officially confirm any details about "Kraken Point". Further leaks and official announcements will be needed to paint a clearer picture of AMD's future laptop CPU lineup.

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