Google Tensor G5: Pixel 10's Chip Rumored To Be a Game-Changer

Google's Tensor G5 chip is reportedly going all-in with a custom design, TSMC's 3nm process, and major performance upgrades for the Pixel 10.

Google Tensor G5: Pixel 10's Chip Takes a Big Leap Forward

Google's upcoming Tensor G5 chip, expected to power the Pixel 10 series, has reportedly reached a key milestone. According to Taiwanese sources, the chip's design has been finalized ("taped out") and is ready for the next stages of development.

Tensor G5

Here's what's exciting about the Tensor G5:

  • Designed entirely by Google: This marks a departure from previous Tensor chips, which were partially based on existing designs.
  • Built by TSMC: Google is switching from Samsung to TSMC, known for its leading-edge chip manufacturing.
  • 3nm Technology: The G5 is rumored to use TSMC's latest 3nm process, a significant upgrade that promises major performance and efficiency gains.

What this means for the Pixel 10:

  • Flagship Performance: The G5 is expected to finally put Pixel phones on par with competitors like Samsung and Apple in terms of raw processing power.
  • Better Battery Life: The move to 3nm should bring significant energy efficiency improvements, leading to longer battery life.
  • Potential for New Features: A more powerful chip could enable Google to introduce new AI-powered features and enhance existing ones.

Early Taping Out:

While the Pixel 10 isn't expected until late 2024, the early "tape out" of the G5 suggests Google is giving itself ample time to fine-tune the chip. This could indicate a focus on addressing the performance and thermal issues that have plagued some previous Tensor chips.

Overall, the Tensor G5 represents a significant step forward for Google's Pixel phone ambitions. If the rumors hold true, the Pixel 10 could be a truly competitive flagship device.

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