Samsung Galaxy Z Fold6 Slim and Galaxy Z Flip6 Slim are purportedly in the pipeline for an early 2025 release.

The Galaxy Z Fold6 Slim will be ready for purchase in Q1 2025, with the panel going into mass production in late 2024

Samsung's Galaxy Z Fold6 and Z Flip6: Rumors Suggest 'Slim' Variants in the Works

Multiple outlets have discovered what appear to be "slim" variants of Samsung's impending foldable. The Galaxy Z Fold6 Slim is expected to come without S Pen support, while the Galaxy Z Flip6 Slim is largely comparable to its non-Slim sibling, at least in hardware.

(image via Smartprix)

There have been numerous, often contradictory, reports concerning Samsung's foldable range for 2024. Some claim that the Galaxy Z Fold6 and Galaxy Z Flip6 will be the only options this year, while others believe they will be joined by more affordable or premium models. According to DSCC's Ross Young, an industry insider with extensive knowledge of display technology, Samsung may unveil a Galaxy Z Fold6 Slim later this year.

The Galaxy Z Fold6 Slim will be ready for purchase in Q1 2025, with the panel going into mass production in late 2024. Notably, it does not include a digitizer, essentially ruling out S-Pen compatibility. Young adds that Samsung might brand it as the previously rumored Galaxy Z Fold6 Ultra. He plans to share additional information about the panel soon.

Meanwhile, (via Sammobile) discovered the existence of the Galaxy Z Flip6 Slim. It will not change significantly from the standard Galaxy Z Flip 6, at least in terms of camera and hardware. It, too, is unlikely to be released this year and may be unveiled in early 2025, alongside the Galaxy Tab S10 and Galaxy S25 series.


Ross Young on X

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