AYANEO announces three new refresh gaming handhelds with powerful AMD APUs shortly before the ASUS ROG Ally X unveiling.

The redesigned AYANEO KUN, AYANEO AIR 1S, and AYANEO 2S will all ship this summer for $699 to $999.

AYANEO Upgrades Handheld Lineup with AMD Hawk Point Architecture, ASUS Prepares ROG Ally X

ASUS is preparing to shake up the gaming portable market once more with the release of the ROG Ally X. AYANEO has opted to deliver new versions of numerous members of its existing gaming handheld product stack, which it has upgraded to AMD's Hawk Point architecture, considerably outpacing ASUS. The redesigned AYANEO KUN, AYANEO AIR 1S, and AYANEO 2S will all ship this summer for $699 to $999.

(Image source: AYANEO)

ASUS is just over a week away from releasing the ROG Ally X, their second gaming handheld, which is expected to launch with a massive 80 Wh battery, among other modifications from the original ROG Ally (now $399.99 on Amazon). In fact, it's only been a few days since AYANEO launched a new line of items. To summarize, while the business had previously introduced a number of them, the AM01S and Pocket Micro made their debut appearances. For reference, the products listed on May 18 were as follows:

  • AYANEO Pocket DMG
  • AYANEO Pocket Micro
  • Retro Power Bank

AYANEO has now released updated versions of the KUN and 2S, as well as the AIR 1S, which we previously linked to. As far as we can tell, the business has just replaced the existing APUs in these gaming handhelds with the Ryzen 7 8840U, one of AMD's more powerful Hawk Point-U series processors. Finally, little distinguishes the Ryzen 7 8840U from the Ryzen 7 7840U. Nonetheless, the former maintains a 5% advantage over the latter in our benchmarks.

AYANEO's new lineup of Ryzen 7 8840U-powered gaming handhelds is now available through Indiegogo. Although the firm has begun pre-sales today, no AIR 1S, 2S, or KUN refresh orders will be sent until early August. The photos below show the full pricing for the upgraded trio.

(Image source: AYANEO) (Image source: AYANEO) (Image source: AYANEO)


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