Alkahest Channels Dark Messiah With Brutal Fantasy Combat

Remember Dark Messiah? A new game called Alkahest aims to recapture that magic with its own blend of fantasy action and brutal combat. Check out.

Alkahest Announced: A Spiritual Successor to Dark Messiah of Might & Magic Emerges [VIDEO]

Almost 20 years ago, Arkane Studios released Dark Messiah of Might and Magic, an extraordinary fantasy action game known for its dynamic combat. Gamers quickly fell in love with its brutal melee system, where kicking enemies into spike walls and using the environment creatively was key. For years, fans have dreamt of a sequel or spiritual successor, and it seems those prayers have finally been answered.


Push On studio has announced Alkahest, a project instantly reminiscent of Dark Messiah. The game follows the journey of a young lord's son who sets out to uncover the reason behind a sudden surge in the goblin population. The developers promise stunning visuals, expansive levels ripe for exploration (though not a full open world!), interactive environments, and a deep alchemy system. And of course, impaling enemies on strategically placed spikes will make a satisfying return. Besides Dark Messiah, the developers drew inspiration from other genre-defining titles such as Kingdom Come: Deliverance and Dishonored.

Fan Reactions and What We Know So Far

While the announcement has been met with excitement, many fans are eager to see actual gameplay footage. Some of the comments highlight this sentiment:

  • "For the most part it looks like a vertical slice and a proof of concept, but I like what I see."
  • "Looks great. Hopefully it will look like this by the end of production. No downgrades."
  • "Wake me up when they show real gameplay."
  • "Release date: never."

Unfortunately, Alkahest currently lacks both a release date and a publisher. For now, you can check out its Steam page which features a trailer and a collection of gorgeous screenshots.

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