vivo V30e Review: Style, Performance, and Value in One

The vivo V30e packs premium features like a 50MP camera, long-lasting battery, and elegant design into an affordable package. Read our review.

Lights, Camera, Design: Why You Should Consider the Vivo V30e

Although the vivo V30e sits in the mid-range category, it boasts a flagship look and captures photos exceeding expectations for its price point. While more affordable than the vivo V30, it shouldn't be considered a compromise. Its impressive battery life and weather resistance further add to its appeal. Let's delve into what makes this model worth your attention.


Striking in Every Sense

Design holds equal importance to processing power in today's smartphones. While benchmark scores matter to some, a phone's aesthetics are universally appreciated. The V30e stands out from the crowd of generic, dark-toned devices with its captivating design.


With limited room for innovation in overall form factor, the back panel often becomes the designer's canvas. The vivo V30e embraces this, offering customization through color and material variations.

For those who appreciate understated elegance, there's a "Coffee" variant with a blend of matte glass and a glossy accent, featuring a pattern inspired by woven silk threads. If vibrant hues are more your style, the brand offers a "Mint" version with a polycarbonate panel.

Beyond its unique color options and rounded edges, the phone's design is elevated by a prominent main camera module. Framed like a premium wristwatch bezel, it boasts a captivating "Aura" ring light. The slightly recessed lenses are a thoughtful detail, offering enhanced protection when the phone is placed face down.

The vivo V30e's display is equally impressive, curving gracefully at the edges to create an illusion of slimness. The 10-bit AMOLED panel boasts a Full HD+ resolution, delivering crisp visuals and accurate color reproduction. With a 120Hz refresh rate, every interaction feels incredibly smooth.


User comfort is paramount, as evidenced by the inclusion of flicker reduction and blue light filtering technologies. These features ensure prolonged reading or social media browsing sessions without causing eye strain.

Elegant Yet Durable

A slim smartphone with rounded edges is not only aesthetically pleasing but also practical. It rests comfortably in hand compared to a "brick" of similar width. Moreover, the IP64-rated body provides peace of mind. The first digit indicates complete dust resistance, making the vivo V30e 5G perfect for capturing content in dusty environments like garages or workshops. Meanwhile, the "4" signifies protection against water splashes. It can withstand rain showers and accidental spills without compromising touchscreen sensitivity.

Despite its sleek exterior, the vivo V30e 5G incorporates a shock-absorbing system to safeguard its internal components from drops. This model has undergone over 70 rigorous reliability tests, including extreme temperature trials lasting 72 hours.

A Pocket-Sized Photo Studio

The V-series smartphones are renowned for their focus on mobile photography, and the vivo V30e stays true to this legacy. Its camera system boasts a 50MP Sony IMX882 sensor with a wide f/1.8 aperture for excellent low-light performance. A wide-angle lens complements the setup, allowing you to capture more of the scene.


One of the model's standout features is the proprietary "Aura" light. Essentially a miniature ring light, it surpasses traditional flash by providing soft, diffused illumination without harsh blowouts. You can fine-tune its color temperature or rely on the automatic setting. This tool helps achieve natural-looking skin tones in photos, minimizing the need for extensive editing. However, if desired, the device offers ample editing capabilities: cropping, adjusting background blur, applying filters, and more.

The smartphone handles various shooting scenarios with ease. The intelligent algorithm typically selects optimal camera settings based on the scene. Manual adjustments are primarily needed for specialized modes like "Night Panorama" or "Supermoon," which leverages AI to isolate and magnify the moon in the frame for added dramatic effect. For enthusiasts, a "Pro" mode enables shooting in RAW format.

The device supports 4K video recording, allowing you to enjoy your footage on large, modern TVs or monitors. Editing is seamless within the gallery app, offering options to add filters, music, subtitles, and more. With support for microSD cards alongside its internal storage, you'll have ample space for your creations.


For social media enthusiasts, the vivo V30e offers a dedicated "Vlog" mode. This feature simplifies the creation of engaging short videos with stylish effects, music, transitions, and cinematic flourishes. Combined with the "Aura" light and pre-designed templates, producing publication-ready content directly on your phone becomes effortless.

The electronic image stabilization system plays a crucial role across all camera modes. It compensates for handshakes when using the main or wide-angle lens, ensuring sharper results and fewer wasted takes.

Selfie aficionados and vloggers will appreciate the 32MP front-facing camera with a lossless cropping feature. Besides traditional filters and beauty enhancements, it boasts a dedicated night mode. This, coupled with proprietary image processing algorithms, helps capture vibrant selfies even in challenging lighting.

All-Day Power Without Outlets or Power Banks

One of the remarkable aspects of the vivo V30e is its ability to house a large 5500 mAh battery within its slender 7.7mm frame. In most cases, this translates to a full day of usage, thanks to the power-efficient yet capable Snapdragon 6 Gen 1 processor. If needed, the smartphone can even share its battery with other devices via wired reverse charging.


The included 44W FlashCharge-compatible power adapter ensures swift charging times. A short coffee break might be all you need to stay connected for the rest of the day. Regardless, overnight charging is unnecessary, as the device reaches 100% in under 1.5 hours.


Active usage won't harm the battery's lifespan. Constructed using proprietary technology, it boasts an extended lifespan of up to 1600 cycles while retaining at least 80% of its original capacity. In simpler terms, the battery is unlikely to degrade significantly before it's time to upgrade your smartphone, typically after four years of daily use.

Final Thoughts

The vivo V30e is a compelling addition to the brand's lineup, strategically positioned between the base model and the Lite version. Compared to the former, it offers a more accessible price point, while unlike the latter, it avoids noticeable compromises in camera capabilities. Its other strengths include a premium design, impressive battery life, and resilience against demanding conditions, making it a well-rounded contender in the mid-range market.

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