Apple Patents Modular iPhones: Upgrade Your Camera, Battery & More?

A new Apple patent reveals a future where iPhones could have swappable modules for better cameras, health sensors, even extra battery life.

Apple Patents Removable Modules for Upgrading iPhones

Apple has secured a patent for a system that could significantly change the way we use iPhones. The patent, registered with the US Patent Office, details a concept for expanding iPhone functionality with removable modules. Apple included a series of schematic images to illustrate how it might work.

Apple Patents Removable

Imagine swapping out the back cover of your iPhone for one that adds entirely new features and components. The patent explores possibilities like:

  • Enhanced speakers
  • Upgraded camera systems
  • Health sensors (glucometer, thermometer, pulse oximeter)
  • Auxiliary touchscreens of various sizes
  • Additional protective layers

Apple Patents Removable

Interestingly, the patent mentions that modules requiring power would draw it internally, without needing a connection to the iPhone's charging port. However, Apple doesn't specify the attachment mechanism for these multifunctional panels, leaving the complexity of swapping them a mystery for now.

It's crucial to remember that this is just a patent, meaning the technology exists only on paper. There's no information about when or if this modular system might make its way into actual iPhone models.

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