Microsoft Hides Local Account Option in Windows 11

Microsoft quietly removes local account setup guides from its Windows 11 documentation. Are they pushing users towards Microsoft Accounts?

Microsoft Quietly Removes Local Account Information from Official Windows 11 Documentation

In a move that suggests a continuing push towards cloud-based accounts, Microsoft has seemingly "disappeared" the local account option from their official Windows 11 setup guide. While local accounts are still technically usable, the company appears to be actively scrubbing mentions of this feature from their documentation.


Previously, Microsoft's website provided instructions for both setting up a local account and switching between local and Microsoft accounts. However, as of June 17th, 2024, the guide for reverting to a local account has vanished, according to the internet archive Wayback Machine.

The remaining documentation now solely focuses on transitioning to a Microsoft account, highlighting its benefits such as enhanced security, data synchronization across devices, and password recovery options without a reset disk.


Despite these efforts, using Windows 11 with a local account remains possible, albeit more complicated. Microsoft's decision to remove this option from the installer deliberately adds an extra hurdle for users who prefer this approach. However, workarounds utilizing specific instructions during the installation process still exist for those determined to utilize local accounts.

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