Cybertruck Charging Speed Disappoints: 800V Potential Unrealized?

New tests reveal the Cybertruck's charging speed is slower than expected from its 800V platform. Is the 4680 battery to blame?

Cybertruck Charging Speed Test Reveals Slower Than Expected Results

Despite being Tesla's first EV with an 800V architecture, the Cybertruck's charging speed falls short of expectations set by similar Chinese EVs. While Tesla touted the potential for 80% charge in under 20 minutes, real-world tests paint a different picture.


Here's a breakdown of the findings:

  • Zero to full charging: A recent test on a 250kW V3 Supercharger revealed a disappointing 1.5-hour charging time for the Cybertruck's 4680 battery pack. You can see the test here: 

  • Charging curve: While the Cybertruck initially draws the maximum 250kW, the charging speed rapidly tapers off. It takes 20 minutes to reach 50% and 30 minutes to hit 60%, with significantly reduced charging power.
  • 4680 battery limitations: The slow charging curve appears to stem from the 4680 battery's chemistry or power control, as similar results are observed in the Texas-made Model Y with the same battery.
  • Cybercell improvements: The Cybertruck utilizes the second-generation 4680 battery, dubbed "Cybercell," offering 15% higher energy density. However, it remains unclear if this translates to faster charging speeds.
  • Software updates: Tesla has hinted at an upcoming OTA update aimed at improving charging speed, promising 154 miles of range in 15 minutes. This suggests potential software solutions for the 4680 battery's limitations.

The Bottom Line:

The Cybertruck's current charging speed is underwhelming compared to its 800V counterparts. While the 4680 battery seems to be the limiting factor, Tesla's upcoming software updates could potentially bridge the gap. Further testing after the update is crucial to assess any real improvements in the Cybertruck's charging performance.

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