AI Chip Promises 25% Longer Battery Life for EVs, Phones & More

A new AI-powered battery management system could extend battery life by 25% or more. Find out how this tech could revolutionize electronics .

AI Chip Could Boost Battery Life by 25%

Companies Eatron Technologies and Syntiant have introduced an intelligent battery management system (BMS) powered by artificial intelligence that can extend battery life. The technology can be used in any application, from consumer electronics to commercial electric vehicles and even eVTOL aircraft.

AI Chip Could Boost Battery Life by 25%

AI-Powered Batteries

Current lithium-ion batteries are limited to a lifespan of 500-1000 charge cycles. Eatron Technologies' technology can increase this number to 625-1250 cycles. And LiFePO4 batteries designed for 5,000 cycles can be improved to a lifespan of 6,250+ cycles.

Their AI-BMS-on-chip can "unlock" an additional 10% of battery capacity while extending battery life by a quarter. This is achieved by using Syntiant's NDP120 neural chip, which analyzes battery performance in real-time.

AI Chip Could Boost Battery Life by 25%

Early Problem Detection and Prevention

The chip uses diagnostics to identify potential problems early on, offering solutions to prevent failures and improve battery safety and optimization. The system's predictive capabilities also reduce the risk of battery failure at critical moments, which is essential for electric aircraft. Additionally, the technology will extend the range of electric vehicles.

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