Doogee Punk: Rugged Phone Cranks Up the Volume with Monster Battery & Customizable LEDs

The Doogee Punk rugged phone doesn't just survive, it entertains. Boasting powerful speakers, configurable LEDs, and a massive 10,800 mAh battery

Doogee S Punk: This Rugged Phone's Got a Speaker That's Off the Hook!

Get ready to crank up the volume, because Doogee's about to drop a phone with a speaker that's impossible to ignore. The Doogee S Punk isn't just tough, it's loud and proud, boasting a massive speaker on the back that's guaranteed to turn heads.

Doogee S punk: Smartphone with speaker and additional LEDs
Doogee S punk: Smartphone with a unique speaker and additional LEDs

Crank It Up to Eleven

This phone's packing a 4-watt speaker that can blast tunes at a deafening 126dB. But it's not all about volume – those LEDs under the speaker aren't just for show. They light up in different colors to notify you about calls, messages, and more.

Built Tough, But Don't Expect a Speed Demon

The S Punk is designed for durability, with a rugged, partially metal body and certifications like IP68, IP69K, and MIL-STD-810H. You can drop it, dunk it, and generally abuse it without fear.

However, it's powered by a Unisoc Tiger T606, which is more about efficiency than raw power. Don't expect flagship-level performance, and it's not 5G compatible. It does support plenty of 4G LTE bands, though, so you can stay connected in most areas.

Other Specs You Should Know:

  • Massive 10,800 mAh battery: This phone's built to last, and with 33W fast charging, you'll be back up and running in no time.
  • 6.58-inch, 90Hz display: Enjoy smooth scrolling and decent visuals on a generously sized screen.
  • 256GB storage & 6GB RAM: Store all your photos, videos, and apps with ease, and enjoy smooth multitasking.
  • Android 14: Experience the latest Android operating system out of the box.

Release Date and Price

The Doogee S Punk is set to launch on June 30th. Pricing details haven't been officially confirmed yet, but keep your eyes peeled!


Check out the official Doogee S Punk page for the latest updates: Doogee S Punk

Doogee S punk
There are LEDs under the speaker

Possible Alternative: Looking for something similar that's available now? Check out the Doogee S41 Max: Buy the Doogee S41 Max (2024) on Amazon

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