Free Game Alert! Get Shadows: Awakening FREE on GOG (Limited Time)

Don't miss out! GOG is giving away the action RPG Shadows: Awakening for FREE until June 24th. Claim your copy now and explore the Heretic Kingdoms!

Grab Shadows: Awakening for Free on GOG!

GOG is giving away the action RPG, Shadows: Awakening, for free until June 24th at 9 am EDT! This isometric adventure usually costs $30, so don't miss out on this limited-time offer.


About Shadows: Awakening:

  • Become a Devourer: You are a demon who consumes the souls of deceased heroes, each with unique abilities. Switch between these "Puppets" to strategize your way through dynamic combat.
  • Explore Two Worlds: Travel between the real world and the shadow realm to uncover secrets and solve puzzles.
  • Unravel a Conspiracy: Discover the truth behind the murder of the Order of Penta Nera and save the world from demonic forces.
  • Extensive Gameplay: With an average playtime of 38 hours, according to GOG, there's plenty to explore in the Heretic Kingdoms.

DLCs on Sale:

While not free, the three DLC expansions for Shadows: Awakening are discounted:

Don't miss this chance to experience the latest installment in the Heretic Kingdoms series! Head over to GOG before June 24th to claim your free copy of Shadows: Awakening.


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