Honor Unveils AI Deepfake Detection for Smartphones

Learn how Honor's new AI features aim to protect your eyesight and detect harmful deepfakes on smartphones.

Honor Fights Deepfakes and Myopia with New AI Features

Honor recently unveiled two intriguing AI-powered features for their smartphones:

(image via Honor)

1. AI Defocus Eye Protection:

This feature aims to simulate the effects of defocus glasses, which are special contact lenses used to treat myopia (nearsightedness). While the exact mechanism remains unclear, Honor claims this software solution can reduce transient myopia by 13-degrees, with potential for up to 75-degree reduction in certain cases.


2. AI Deepfake Detection:

This feature tackles the growing concern of AI-manipulated videos. Honor's technology analyzes factors like eye contact, lighting, and image clarity to identify deepfakes in real-time. It promises to detect manipulated content in just three seconds, alerting users with a warning message to prevent potential scams and misinformation.


While Honor hasn't specified which devices will receive these features or when they will be available, the Deepfake Detection feature likely requires an internet connection. It's unclear if AI Defocus Eye Protection operates locally.

These new features highlight Honor's commitment to leveraging AI for improving user experience and online safety.

Source(s): Honor

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