Moto S50 Neo: Bringing Flagship Design to the Masses?

Motorola is rumored to be bringing its latest design language to a more affordable price point with the Moto S50 Neo. Learn what we know so far.

Motorola's New S50 Neo: Flagship Style On a Budget

Motorola is about to shake things up in the smartphone world again! Along with the highly anticipated release of the Razr 50 foldable phone in China, Motorola surprised us with a sneak peek of another device: the S50 Neo.

The S50 Neo. (Source: Motorola)
The S50 Neo. (Source: Motorola)

At first glance, its curved display might have you thinking it's a close relative of the Edge 50 Fusion. But don't be fooled! This is the S50 Neo, and it's here to make a statement: you don't need to break the bank to own a phone that looks and feels premium. Motorola's aiming to bring "high-end fashion to the masses," and with its sleek design and trendy Pantone-validated colors, the S50 Neo definitely delivers on the style front.

While some rumors suggest a possible plastic back (gasp!), we do know it's packing some impressive hardware. We're talking a powerful 50MP Sony IMX882 main camera with AI-powered features that will take your photography game to the next level. And get this – it boasts a massive 5,000mAh battery, all packed into a slim 7.59mm design. Talk about power in your pocket!

Adding to the intrigue, there's a bit of a naming mystery. While it will be part of the S series in China, whispers suggest it might launch globally as the Moto G85. Even more intriguing is the speculation about the processor. Will it be the Snapdragon 4 Gen 3 or the 6s Gen 3? Only time will tell!

One thing is certain: Motorola is gearing up for a major launch on June 25th, 2024. Alongside the Razr 50 and the possible 50 Ultra, the S50 Neo is ready to make its mark. Stay tuned for all the details!

The Moto S50 Neo is on the way. (Source: Lenovo CN)
The Moto S50 Neo is on the way. (Source: Lenovo CN)


Lenovo CN via GSMArena

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