Samsung Galaxy Z Fold6 Design Exposed in Leaked Dummy Unit Pictures

Close-up images of a purported Samsung Galaxy Z Fold6 dummy unit have surfaced online, revealing potential design changes. Check out the leaked photos

Samsung's Galaxy Z Fold6 Ditches the Curves for a Bold, Boxy Look – Leaked Images Spill the Beans!

The rumor mill is churning, and it looks like Samsung's Galaxy Z Fold6 is set to launch on July 10th. While we wait with bated breath, leaked images of a dummy unit are giving us a sneak peek at the Fold6's revamped design, and it's looking like a significant departure from its predecessor.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold6
The cameras and battery in the Fold6 are expected to remain the same (Image source: @UniverseIce via X)

Place the Fold6 next to the Fold5, and the difference is striking! The Fold6 is noticeably wider, hinting at more spacious screens both inside and out. Gone are the rounded corners of the Fold5 – the Fold6 embraces a boxier aesthetic with sharper, more symmetrical edges. This design choice gives the Fold6 a distinctly modern and sleek look.

Speaking of sleek, the right edge of the Fold6 houses the volume buttons and a fingerprint reader, all strategically positioned for comfortable one-handed use. The camera layout seems unchanged – a trio of lenses arranged horizontally, ready to capture your next Instagram-worthy moment.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold6
(Image source: @UniverseIce via X)
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold6
(Image source: @UniverseIce via X)
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold6
(Image source: @UniverseIce via X)

Overall, the shape is definitely boxy with flat surfaces all over. Despite the increased width, a previous leak has claimed a weight reduction of 14 g over the Fold5. Other recent reports have revealed tentative details like the three colours (Pink, Navy and Silver Shadow, the latter being pictured here), and the pricing, which is expected to start at $1,899 for the 256 GB storage option, and goes up to $2,259 for the 1 TB model.

But here's a twist – even with its wider body, the Fold6 is rumored to be lighter than its predecessor! Whispers suggest a weight reduction of 14 grams, making it easier than ever to hold and use.

As for colors, get ready for a tough decision! Leaks point towards three stylish options: Pink, Navy, and the Silver Shadow showcased in the images. And when it comes to pricing, hold on to your wallets – rumors suggest a starting price of $1,899 for the 256GB model, going all the way up to $2,259 for the 1TB version.

Of course, it's wise to take all leaks with a pinch of salt. But one thing's for sure – the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold6 is shaping up to be a seriously impressive device. We'll be watching closely for any official announcements from Samsung, so stay tuned!


@UniverseIce via X

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