Google Pixel 6a Review 2024: Still Worth It?

The Google Pixel 6a offers great value in 2024 with its powerful Tensor chip, long software support, and excellent camera. Find out .

Is the Google Pixel 6a Still Good in 2024?

Released in 2022, the Google Pixel 6a still packs a punch in 2024, especially for budget-conscious users. Here's why:

Google Pixel 6a

Performance That Lasts

The Google Tensor chip, the same one found in the flagship Pixel 6 and 6 Pro, keeps the 6a feeling snappy even two years later. This means smooth gaming and effortless multitasking.

Futureproof Software

Google promised software updates until July 2025, meaning the Pixel 6a will be running Android 15. This ensures you'll have the latest features and security updates well into 2024.

Excellent Camera

While the article doesn't delve deep into the camera, Pixel phones are renowned for their exceptional camera performance, and the 6a is no exception. Expect great photos and videos even compared to newer phones.

Solid Build & Features

The Pixel 6a boasts an AMOLED display with HDR support and a high brightness level for excellent viewing. It's also dust and waterproof with an IP67 rating, ensuring longevity.

Things to Consider

  • 60Hz Display: The 60Hz display might feel dated compared to newer phones with higher refresh rates, especially for those used to smoother scrolling.
  • Storage: 128GB of storage might be limiting for some users, especially with no expandable storage option.

Overall, the Google Pixel 6a remains a compelling choice in 2024 for users seeking a combination of performance, software longevity, and excellent value. If you can live with a 60Hz display and limited storage, the Pixel 6a is a solid phone that will continue to impress.

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