Sony Silently Drops 8K From PS5 Packaging: PS5 Pro Incoming?

Sony has removed 8K marketing from the PS5 box, fueling rumors of a more powerful PS5 Pro on the horizon.

Sony Ditches the 8K Hype for PS5 as PS5 Pro Looms

Remember how Sony wouldn't stop talking about the PS5 being "8K-ready?" Well, it looks like they've quietly changed their tune. With rumors of a PS5 Pro swirling, Sony has scrubbed any mention of 8K support from the latest PS5 and PS5 Slim retail packaging.

PS5 Pro release

No more 8K promises on PS5 boxes. Did Sony jump the gun? (Image source: Sony)

For years, Sony has touted the PS5's 8K capabilities, even though true 8K gaming at 60fps has been a topic of debate (thanks to those pesky HDMI limitations). Now, it seems like Sony is prepping the stage for the PS5 Pro, the rumored console that might actually deliver on the 8K dream (with a little help from some fancy upscaling tricks).

Eagle-eyed Redditors were the first to notice the missing 8K labels on new PS5 boxes, replaced with more realistic "4K/120" and "HDR" badges. Sony's official website has followed suit, removing any mention of 8K from its product images.

So, is Sony simply clearing the marketing air before the PS5 Pro arrives? It's certainly possible. The rumored Pro console is expected to target 8K/30fps gaming using a new upscaling tech called PlayStation Spectral Super Resolution (PSSR). Will it be the true 8K experience gamers have been waiting for? Only time will tell, but for now, it looks like Sony's 8K dreams are on hold.

PS5 Pro release

Is this the beginning of the PS5 Pro hype train? (Image source: r/gaming news)


r/gaming news via Metro UK

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