Xbox Game Pass Dominance: Developers See No Point in Releasing Games Without It

A new survey reveals that many game developers find it financially risky to release games on Xbox without a Game Pass deal, highlighting the service's

Developers: Releasing Games on Xbox Without Game Pass is Pointless

In a recent survey conducted by Skill Up, game developers revealed a surprising trend: many see no point in releasing games on Xbox without a Game Pass deal.


Game Pass Dominance:

A common sentiment among developers is that Xbox has conditioned its user base to expect a vast library of games through its subscription service. Releasing a game on the platform without being on Game Pass poses a significant financial risk, as players are less likely to purchase games individually.

Indie and AA Impact:

This sentiment is particularly prevalent among indie and AA developers who lack the marketing muscle to compete with the allure of Game Pass. Interestingly, even some AAA studios are reportedly shying away from Xbox for similar reasons.

PlayStation Still King:

Adding fuel to the fire, a former Rockstar developer anonymously disclosed that the studio prioritizes PlayStation due to its larger player base.

The Game Pass Effect:

This highlights the growing influence of subscription services like Game Pass on the gaming industry. While beneficial for players, it presents a challenging landscape for developers, especially those without the backing of major publishers.

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