Xbox Series X Gets a Massive Storage Boost with New 2TB Limited Edition

Gamers rejoice! Microsoft unveils a 2TB special edition Xbox Series X alongside a new disc-less option and increased storage for the Series S.

Xbox Gets a Fresh Coat of Paint (And More Storage!)

Microsoft just dropped some exciting news for gamers: the Xbox Series X and S are getting a refresh! While we didn't get the radical cylindrical redesign some rumors hinted at, there are some cool new additions to the Xbox family.

Xbox Series X
A new look for a familiar friend (image via Microsoft)

Here's the Breakdown:

  • Xbox Series X Goes White: Leaked images were right! The powerful Series X is getting a sleek white makeover, making it the perfect addition to any minimalist gaming setup.
  • Storage Galore: Get ready for a whopping 2TB SSD in a limited-edition Xbox Series X! With games getting bigger all the time, this is a welcome addition, though we're hoping this higher capacity becomes standard soon. This special edition console boasts a unique star-themed design and will set you back $599.
  • Series S Gets Stylish: The budget-friendly Series S is also getting the white-glove treatment, offering gamers a sleek alternative to the standard black.
  • All-Digital Still Rocks: Don't worry, disc-free gamers, the all-digital Xbox Series X is sticking around and also gets the new white colorway.
  • No Major Upgrades (Yet): While the new consoles look great, there don't seem to be any internal hardware upgrades like Wi-Fi 6E or a new processor.

When Can You Get Your Hands on Them?

Microsoft says the new consoles will be available during the 2024 holiday season, with pre-orders opening soon.

What About an Xbox Series X Pro?

So far, no word on a mid-generation refresh with a performance boost like Sony's rumored PlayStation 5 Pro. However, Microsoft has hinted at a possible handheld Xbox, so maybe that's where we'll see the next big leap in Xbox gaming.



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