AMD Ryzen 5 9600X Benchmarks Leak: Budget Gaming King

Leaked benchmarks show AMD's Ryzen 5 9600X beating even Intel's i9-14900KS in single-core performance. Is this the new budget gaming CPU king

AMD Ryzen 5 9600X: Budget Gaming King in the Making?

The upcoming AMD Ryzen 5 9600X, the entry-level CPU in the Zen 5 family, is already making waves with leaked benchmarks showing it outperforming even Intel's flagship Core i9-14900KS in single-core performance.

Here's the rundown:

  • Leaked Geekbench 6 results show the 6-core Ryzen 5 9600X (with a boost clock of 5.4 GHz) achieving a single-core score of 3,284, surpassing the Ryzen 5 7600X by 15% and even beating the powerful Intel Core i9-14900KS.
  • Impressive performance at a lower TDP: This performance is especially notable considering the Ryzen 5 9600X's 65W TDP compared to the Core i9-14900KS's 150W TDP.
  • Potential for overclocking: The leaked benchmark was reportedly run with Precision Boost Overdrive (PBO) enabled, allowing the CPU to boost to 5.5 GHz, suggesting even more performance headroom for overclocking enthusiasts.
  • Competitive multi-core performance: While single-core performance steals the show, the Ryzen 5 9600X also achieves a respectable multi-core score of 14,594, putting it ahead of the Ryzen 5 7600X and on par with the Ryzen 7 7700.
  • Aggressive pricing expected: Rumors suggest a price tag between $249 and $299, potentially matching the launch price of the Ryzen 5 7600X.

What does this mean for gamers?

If these leaks hold true, the Ryzen 5 9600X could be a game-changer for budget-conscious gamers. Offering performance comparable to or even exceeding Intel's top-tier CPUs at a fraction of the cost, it could become the go-to choice for gamers seeking maximum value.

Important Note:

While these leaks are promising, it's crucial to remember that benchmark results can vary depending on various factors. We'll have to wait for official benchmarks and reviews upon the Zen 5's release to get a definitive picture of the Ryzen 5 9600X's capabilities.

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