iOS 18 Beta 3: Dark Mode Improvements, Messages Updates, and More

Apple releases iOS 18 Beta 3 with enhanced dark mode, updated Messages and Photos apps, and hints at upcoming Apple Intelligence features.

iOS 18 Third Beta Released: What's New?

Apple has released the third beta version of iOS 18, bringing improvements to dark mode, updates to the Photos and Messages apps, and groundwork for Apple Intelligence features. Here's a rundown of all the updates.

iOS 18 Third Beta Released: What's New?

Third Beta of iOS 18 Released: Icons and Wallpapers

  • Enhanced Dark Mode Integration: Third-party apps now have better integration with dark mode. Popular services like Facebook, Etsy, Telegram, Signal, Slack, Notion, YouTube, and others have received dark mode-style icons. The algorithm automatically converts colored icons, often making secondary colors primary and replacing white backgrounds with black.
  • Partial Conversion for Complex Designs: While complex designs aren't fully converted yet, they receive a slightly darker appearance. After iOS 18's official release, app developers will be able to implement their own dark mode icons.
  • Dynamic Wallpapers: The update introduces intriguing dynamic wallpapers for the lock screen, gradually changing color based on the time of day.

Messages Gets a Refresh

  • Unified Media Section: Emojis, stickers, and Memoji are now consolidated into a single section within Messages. You can easily switch between them using icons at the bottom and even create your own stickers.
  • Sticker Sharing: Stickers can be sent individually or in a smaller size, similar to emojis, as part of a message. However, this feature currently only works with static images.
  • Larger Emojis and Expanded Recents: Emojis in the menu are now larger, and the "Recents" section has been expanded.
  • RCS Clarification: The update includes clarification for the RCS feature. A note under the activation slider explains that the protocol uses data transmission through the provider, which may have access to the user's identifier.
iOS 18 Third Beta Released: What's New?

Photos and Flashlight UI Enhancements

  • New "Select" Button in Photos: The Photos app gains a convenient "Select" button in the top panel, allowing for quick selection of multiple images without scrolling down the list. The search option has also been redesigned with a magnifying glass icon in a blue circle.
  • Intuitive Flashlight Menu: The flashlight now features an expanded and more intuitive menu in the Control Center, making it easier to adjust brightness and lighting area.
iOS 18 Third Beta Released: What's New?

Apple Intelligence on the Horizon

References to various Apple Intelligence tools have been discovered in the iOS code, suggesting a potential debut this fall as "beta" features on iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max models, as well as iPad and Mac models with M1 chips and newer.

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