Samsung's New Smartwatch Chip: 3x Faster with Exynos W1000

Samsung unveils the powerful Exynos W1000 processor, set to debut in the Galaxy Watch7 series, boasting 3 times the performance of its predecessor.

Samsung's New Smartwatch Processor Packs Three Times the Power

In anticipation of their upcoming presentation, Samsung has revealed the Exynos W1000 processor. This groundbreaking chip, the first from the company to utilize a 3-nanometer GAA fabrication process, won't be powering smartphones. Instead, it will be at the heart of their upcoming Galaxy Watch7 series.

Exynos W1000

Exynos W1000: A Powerhouse for Wearables

The Exynos W1000 boasts a powerful Cortex-A78 core clocked at 1.6GHz, accompanied by four Cortex-A55 cores running at up to 1.5GHz. Graphics are handled by the capable Mali-G68 MP2 GPU, which supports displays with resolutions up to 640x640 pixels. Onboard storage is provided by a 32GB eMMC module.

Exynos W1000

Samsung claims that the Exynos W1000 outperforms its predecessor, the W930, by a significant margin – 3.4 times faster in single-core performance and 3.7 times faster in multi-core performance. App launch speeds have also seen a 2.7x improvement. Moreover, the new processor supports 2.5D Always-on Display technology, paving the way for more detailed and vibrant watch faces.

Exynos W1000

Exynos W1000

It remains to be seen if the Exynos W1000 will be exclusive to the Galaxy Watch7 series or if it will also find its way into the Galaxy Ring.

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