AMD Radeon 890M iGPU Benchmarks Leak: Performance Close to RTX 2050

Leaked benchmarks of AMD's Radeon 890M integrated graphics, expected in upcoming Ryzen APUs, show performance nearing Nvidia's RTX 2050 dedicated GPU.

AMD Radeon 890M: This Isn't Your Dad's Integrated Graphics!

Remember when integrated graphics meant barely running Minesweeper? Yeah, those days are long gone. AMD just dropped the Radeon 890M, a RDNA 3.5 iGPU that's shaking things up with performance that rivals a dedicated Nvidia RTX 2050!

AMD Radeon 890M

Forget everything you thought you knew about integrated graphics. The Radeon 890M is here to blow your mind! (Image source: AMD [edited])

This beast is making its debut with AMD's new Strix Point processors, and early benchmark results are turning heads. We're talking 3DMark Time Spy scores of over 3600 – that's basically neck and neck with a dedicated RTX 2050!

To put things in perspective, the previous generation Radeon 780M could only muster around 2800 points. This thing is in a whole different league!

What Does This Mean for You?

Faster, smoother, more glorious gaming, that's what! Imagine firing up AAA titles on a thin and light laptop or a handheld gaming device without sacrificing performance. The Radeon 890M is here to make that a reality.

AMD Radeon 890M

Proof that the Radeon 890M isn't messing around! (Image source: Bilibili [machine translated])

And the best part? These are just early benchmarks. Once we see the 890M in fully optimized laptops and handhelds, things are only going to get faster!

The Future of Mobile Gaming Just Got a Whole Lot More Exciting

The Radeon 890M is more than just an iGPU – it's a glimpse into the future of mobile gaming, where you don't have to compromise on performance to enjoy your favorite titles on the go. Get ready for a new era of thin, light, and insanely powerful gaming machines, all thanks to this little chip that could.

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