Intel Arc & Iris Xe Ready for Destiny 2: Lightfall & Elden Ring DLC with Latest Driver

Gamers rejoice! Intel releases Arc & Iris Xe driver, delivering full support for Destiny 2: Lightfall and Elden Ring .

Intel's New Graphics Driver Gives Destiny 2 & Elden Ring a Boost!

Intel may not be the first name that comes to mind when you think of graphics cards, but they're steadily stepping up their game. They just dropped their latest graphics driver update (version, and it's bringing some sweet performance enhancements to a few of your favorite games.

Intel Arc & Iris Xe

Intel unleashed the graphics driver (Source: Intel)

This new driver isn't just for Intel's Arc graphics cards – it also supports their integrated Iris Xe graphics found in their latest Core Ultra processors.

Here's the rundown of the highlights:

  • Day-One Support for Big Releases: Jump into Destiny 2: The Final Shape and Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree with optimized performance right out of the gate.
  • Major FPS Boost in Chivalry 2: Experience up to a 16% FPS increase in Chivalry 2 at 1080p with Medium settings, and up to 6% at 1080p with Extreme settings when using DirectX 11.
  • Crysis 2 Gets Smoother: Enjoy performance improvements in Crysis 2 as well, making those epic firefights even more enjoyable.
  • No More Wicked Crashes: The update squashes annoying crashes encountered in No Rest for the Wicked (DirectX 11 mode) on Intel Arc A-Series GPUs.

Thinking about giving Intel GPUs a shot? The Sparkle Intel Arc A770 Titan OC Edition is a solid option.

Want to learn more or download the driver? Head over to Intel's website for all the details: Intel Driver Download

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