Concord Divides Gamers and Critics Ahead of Release

Sony's hero shooter Concord is generating mixed reactions, with gamers expressing skepticism despite positive media previews.

Dead on Arrival: Gamers Trash Concord Despite Media Praise

While gaming journalists are busy singing the praises of Concord, Sony's upcoming hero shooter, the general public seems to have a completely different opinion. The internet is flooded with videos of the game, all sharing a common theme: a staggering number of dislikes and scathing comments.


Take, for instance, the IGN gameplay video. While the journalists praise the game, claiming it's much better than it looks, viewers are relentlessly hitting that dislike button. It seems the public isn't buying into the professional opinions, unconvinced by the arguments presented. Finding a single positive comment about Concord within the comment sections is a challenge in itself.


Gamer Reactions Speak Volumes

Here are some examples of what people are saying:

  • "Oh, so you 'have doubts about its long-term viability?' I doubt anyone will buy it at all!"
  • "They're trying to convince us it's not dead on arrival."
  • "It's not dead on arrival. It was already dead during the announcement."
  • "Another corpse... Why can't they just understand what works? Seriously?"
  • "Just imagine how the developers feel right now, having put five years of their lives into this. Now they see their game being buried alive in the comments, everywhere."
  • "Incredibly mediocre."
  • "Hero Shooter: The Game."
  • "Thanks, but no thanks."
  • "We have Overwatch at home."
  • "This game is intensely boring."
  • "My eyes hurt."
  • "It will either be F2P or it will die."

Will Concord Overcome the Odds?

The general consensus is that Concord might not even make it to release. This sentiment echoes the public reaction to the reveal of Suicide Squad. Gamers are clearly tired of derivative games that feel like they were built from the same template. Concord evokes memories of both Overwatch and Destiny, but the big question remains: can Sony's creation surpass the very games it seems to emulate? We'll find out on August 20th when it releases on PC and PlayStation 5. However, with a $40 price tag, Sony might be asking too much for this "ticket" to Concord.

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