POCO F6 Pro: The Smart Choice for Power Users

High performance, long battery life, and a beautiful display - the POCO F6 Pro delivers premium features at a price that makes sense.

POCO F6 Pro: A Smart Alternative to Expensive Flagships

The POCO brand has long earned its reputation as a favorite among consumers for its winning combination of price and performance in its smartphones. The new POCO F6 Pro is no exception, boasting powerful hardware, an advanced camera with OIS, and fast charging capabilities. Let's explore why this gadget deserves your attention.


Design - Recognizable and Practical

The new POCO F6 Pro comes with a package that rivals many flagship phones. The manufacturer doesn't skimp on the power supply—you'll find a 120W charger with a cable that supports such high power output. A case is also included, and not just a budget-friendly transparent one, but a more practical black one. It is made of TPU: a dense and durable material with a soft-touch coating. It doesn't slip in your hand and provides additional screen protection thanks to slightly raised edges.

It's not easy for a modern phone to stand out from hundreds of other models, but POCO's designers still have some tricks up their sleeve. You can diversify the look of the device in different ways: for example, using an original pattern instead of a solid color. The POCO F6 Pro features a glass back with a pattern reminiscent of a marble texture. It looks quite stylish in both black and white and makes the gadget instantly recognizable. The coating is matte, so it doesn't collect fingerprints when used without a case.


If you use a non-transparent case, the pattern won't be visible, but the camera unit helps differentiate the smartphone. Thanks to its glossy glass base that stretches across the entire width of the body, it stands out among the traditional "traffic light" designs.

The device's original appearance doesn't compromise its practicality. It boasts a durable metal frame and IP54 dust and water resistance. This rating means that the device is not afraid of dust, splashes of rain, or contact with wet hands. The top edge even houses an IR port, turning the smartphone into a universal remote control for your home appliances.

Display - Great for Any Content

A high-quality screen is just as important for a modern phone as a good monitor is for a PC. It should display any type of content without straining the user's eyes. The POCO F6 Pro is equipped with a 6.67-inch AMOLED panel with a resolution of 3200x1440 pixels. Considering that such figures are good even for a 34-inch display, the pixel density is impressive. This means that even small text on the gadget's screen will be as clear as possible, without any jagged edges.


The refresh rate of the panel is also "computer-grade." 120 Hz is enough for smooth scrolling of web pages and dynamic games. If you need to save battery life at all costs, you can manually limit the frequency to 60 Hz. Alternatively, there is an automatic refresh rate switching function: for static content, it will decrease, and during gaming, "overclocking" is activated.

The screen supports a 12-bit color depth, while saturation and color temperature can be easily adjusted to your liking. The matrix is also suitable for HDR content: the passport peak brightness is up to 4000 nits. During everyday use, the display doesn't "fade" even in bright light.

The brand also took care of protecting users' eyesight. The POCO F6 Pro's display has a very high PWM frequency (3840 Hz). Without going into dry technical details, it doesn't flicker at low brightness and doesn't cause eye strain.

Camera - 8K Video and Sharp Photos Even at Night

It's hard to surprise anyone with the number of megapixels in a camera these days, but other parameters also affect the shooting quality. Getting a good photo on a sunny day is not difficult, but the lighting is not always ideal. The smartphone's main 50MP module with a fast f/1.6 aperture "pulls out" even shots taken in low light conditions. The night preset uses a special AI algorithm to process images, restoring details in dark areas of the frame. As a result, photographs taken in such conditions are detailed, with minimal digital noise.

You don't need to take intensive courses to shoot with a modern smartphone. Smart software instantly adjusts exposure, dynamic range, and white balance—all you have to do is tap the virtual shutter button.

There is no dedicated telephoto lens, but the main sensor can shoot with 2x digital zoom without losing detail, which is usually sufficient for everyday scenarios. If desired, you can increase the zoom ratio, but the image clarity will decrease. At the same time, the camera is equipped with optical stabilization, which smooths out handshake and motion blur when shooting handheld.

Two additional modules expand the functionality of the camera. The 8MP ultra-wide-angle lens will help increase the area of the frame without having to step back, and the 2MP macro sensor will allow you to shoot small objects from a minimal distance. In addition, the smartphone has a 16MP front camera with digital image stabilization. The latter function will be useful for those who often communicate via video calls.

An important feature of the main module is high-resolution video recording (4K @ 60 fps and 8K @ 24 fps). The difference from 1080p won't be as noticeable on the smartphone's display, but the image will be much clearer when watching the video on a large TV or monitor.

Hardware - Fast Processor and Plenty of Memory

The POCO F6 Pro's performance is powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 octa-core chip. This is not the newest member of the series, but the difference with the Gen 3 model is rather nominal. Coupled with 12/16 GB of RAM, the processor easily handles modern games and applications. By the time it becomes obsolete, you will probably want to change your device anyway.


For the most demanding tasks, there is an overclocking mode. Just like overclocking on a PC, it allows you to squeeze the maximum performance out of the hardware. The chip will heat up a little more intensely, but the frame rate in competitive games will please you with its stability.

Rounding out the list of features are high-speed Wi-Fi 7, NFC for contactless payments, and stereo speakers. The latter will come in handy not only when playing music: in games and movies, the sound will gain not only in volume but also in depth.

Battery - Fast Charging and Long-Lasting

The battery capacity of most current smartphones is about 5000 mAh. This is a reasonable compromise between battery life and the weight of the gadget. The POCO F6 Pro is no exception, but the device has something to boast about. The charging speed is impressive, according to early reviews: in just 5 minutes, the battery recovers more than 30% of its charge, and in 15 minutes, it reaches 60%. In other words, a coffee break will allow you to stay connected until the end of the day.


It takes about half an hour to fully replenish the battery's energy. However, this ultra-fast charging is only available when the "turbo charge" mode is activated, which is disabled by default. The smartphone will heat up more in this case, but in a situation where the ability to stay connected is more important, such a function will come in handy. The "overclocking" will not harm the battery itself: its safety is ensured by proprietary charge control chips and nine temperature sensors in the gadget's body.

The myth about the harm of powerful power supplies to the "health" of the battery has long lost its relevance. The brand subtly reminds us of this with figures. According to internal testing, the POCO F6 Pro's battery retains 90% of its nominal capacity even after 1000 charge cycles. Therefore, there is no need to search for spare parts in advance: the battery life is designed for the entire lifespan of the gadget.


My view On phone

The POCO F6 Pro is a well-balanced model with a recognizable design that combines high performance, a flagship display, and a long-lasting battery. It is only inferior to more expensive devices in the absence of a telephoto lens and advanced water protection. Given the difference in price, this is a reasonable compromise that will not spoil the impression of the device during everyday use.

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