Fallout is making a comeback, this time in Call of Duty: Warzone!

A Fallout and Warzone mashup? We explore what fans are hoping for if this dream crossover ever becomes a reality.

Imagine This: Fallout Enters the Warzone - What We Want to See

It seems the success of the Fallout TV show has reminded the world (or at least a couple of major publishers) about the existence of the post-apocalyptic RPG. Lately, we've seen a surge of Fallout-inspired content in multiplayer action games, from Brotherhood of Steel armor sets to those iconic Vault jumpsuits we all know and love. And let's be real, it's no coincidence.

Fallout is making a comeback, this time in Call of Duty

This time, the developers behind Call of Duty are jumping on the Fallout bandwagon. Starting June 20th, Call of Duty: Warzone will feature a crossover event where players can purchase The Tracer Pack: Fallout Vault Dweller Bundle. This pack includes over 15 unique items adorned with the post-nuclear imagery of Bethesda Softwork's action-comedy RPG series. And judging by the official promotional images, the game's main characters look absolutely badass decked out in Vault 141 gear.

The Future of Fallout

Speaking of Fallout, while we know Amazon's adaptation is in the works, it won't be gracing our screens anytime soon. The same goes for Fallout 5, which Bethesda will eventually get around to developing. Some optimistic fans recently inquired with Todd Howard about the possibility of remastered versions of the original (isometric) Fallout games. Sadly, Howard and company have no plans to revisit those classics, content with the fact that they can still be played on modern PCs.

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