Next-Gen Huawei Tablet: Rumors Point to Flagship Features

A new Huawei tablet has been spotted with impressive rumored specs, including satellite communication, a powerful Kirin processor.

Huawei Rumored to Launch Next-Gen Tablet with Kirin Processor, Satellite Messaging, and Blazing-Fast Charging

Huawei is reportedly working on a new flagship tablet that could succeed the MatePad Pro 13.2, according to a leak from reputable tipster Digital Chat Station.


Here's a breakdown of the rumored features:

  • Kirin Processor with Potential 5G: The tablet is said to be powered by a Kirin processor, although it's unclear if it will support 5G connectivity.
  • Satellite Messaging: Taking a page from the Mate 60 smartphone lineup, the new tablet is rumored to offer satellite messaging capabilities. This feature could explain the two model numbers (MRO-W00 and MRO-W10) spotted on the 3C regulatory database.
  • 100W SuperCharge: Huawei is reportedly bumping up the charging speed, with the new tablet rumored to support a 100W SuperCharge power brick, surpassing the 88W charging of the MatePad Pro 13.2.
  • Huawei Star Flash Connectivity: This proprietary technology will enable seamless connectivity with Huawei's custom mouse and keyboard accessories.

Potential to Challenge Apple and Samsung?

These rumored specs suggest that Huawei's next tablet could be a worthy competitor to the likes of the Apple iPad Pro 13 and the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Tab S10 Ultra. However, the availability of the top-tier model with satellite communication outside of China remains uncertain.

Huawei seems to be packing its next flagship tablet with high-end features, potentially aiming to challenge Apple and Samsung's dominance in the premium tablet market.

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