OnePlus Teases Limited Edition Smartphone With Refreshed Design

Get a sneak peek at OnePlus's upcoming Android phone! The company teases a modern design and hints at limited availability. Find out more.

OnePlus Goes Budget-Friendly: The New Nord CE4 Lite 5G is Here!

Hold up, OnePlus fans! A new Nord is dropping, and this time it's all about delivering bang for your buck. Say hello to the Nord CE4 Lite 5G, a budget-friendly phone that's not afraid to borrow some style from its more premium sibling, the Ace 3.

The Nord CE4 Lite. (Source: OnePlus)
The Nord CE4 Lite. (Source: OnePlus)

Looking Sharp: From the teasers we've seen so far, the CE4 Lite definitely takes some design cues from the standard CE4. It's rocking a similar aesthetic, though you won't find the fancy Celadon Marble finish or the round ring-flash around the camera bump.

Color Me Intrigued: OnePlus is keeping some things under wraps, but we know the CE4 Lite will come in at least two colors: a vibrant gradient blue (seen in the teasers) and another mysterious shade that's got us curious.

Camera Powerhouse: Here's a juicy tidbit: the CE4 Lite is inheriting the same impressive Sony LYT-600 sensor as its non-Lite sibling, complete with optical image stabilization (OIS). Get ready to snap some seriously smooth and sharp photos!

All-Day Entertainment: OnePlus is promising an "Absurdly Entertaining" experience with the CE4 Lite, hinting at long-lasting battery life and a device that can keep up with your on-the-go lifestyle.

Pre-Orders and Availability: Mark your calendars! Pre-orders are opening soon in Europe and India, and as a sweet bonus, early birds will snag a pair of Nord Buds 2. Sadly, North America might have to wait a bit longer for this budget beauty, as rumors of a rebranded release are still swirling.

The Nord CE4 Lite. (Source: OnePlus)
The Nord CE4 Lite. (Source: OnePlus)


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