Sony Xperia 1 VII Rumored to Pack Game-Changing 70-200mm Telephoto Camera

Leaked specs suggest the upcoming Sony Xperia 1 VII might feature a groundbreaking 70-200mm flagship telephoto camera.

Sony Xperia 1 VII: Camera Shakeup? Bigger Sensors and a Bold New Look!

Hold up! Didn't Sony just announce the Xperia 1 VI? Yep, but the rumor mill never sleeps, especially when it comes to smartphone cameras. Early whispers from Weibo, the Chinese social media giant, suggest that Sony is planning some serious camera upgrades for the Xperia 1 VII to really set it apart.

Potential last look at the iconic Sony Xperia camera layout
Is this the last we'll see of this iconic Xperia camera layout? (Image source: Sony)

Zoom Zoom Zoom: Telephoto Gets a Boost

The biggest news? That 12MP telephoto camera in the Xperia 1 VI might be getting a serious upgrade. Rumors point to a larger 1/2.3-inch sensor for the Xperia 1 VII – that means more light, better dynamic range, and less noise in your zoomed-in shots. Plus, get ready for a continuous zoom range of 70-200mm (35mm equivalent)!

Goodbye Vertical, Hello Galaxy-Inspired Design?

To fit that beefier telephoto sensor, Sony might be ditching its signature vertical camera layout. Instead, whispers suggest a more Galaxy S24 Ultra-esque design. And that's not all – the ultra-wide-angle camera might also be getting a size bump to a 1/2.3-inch sensor!

Leaked render of the Sony Xperia 1 VII
Leaked render - take it with a grain of salt! (Image source: Weibo)

But Wait, There's More?

Don't worry, Sony isn't neglecting the other cameras. While the 48MP primary camera from the Xperia 1 VI might stick around, we might see a LiDAR sensor for better depth mapping and AR experiences, improved image stabilization for buttery-smooth videos, and an even brighter LED flash.

Hold Your Horses!

Of course, these are just rumors for now, so take them with a grain of salt. But if they pan out, the Xperia 1 VII could be a serious contender for smartphone camera king. Stay tuned for more concrete details as we get closer to the (rumored) release date!


Weibo via GSMArena

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