POCO M6 Plus 5G Leaks: Rebranded Redmi or Budget Powerhouse?

Is the new POCO M6 Plus 5G just a rebranded Redmi phone, or does it offer unique features?

POCO M6 Plus 5G: Hold Up, Another One?! New Leak Spills Specs & Design

Xiaomi's at it again! Just when you thought they were done with the POCO M6 series, a new leak pops up, hinting at yet another model in the works – the POCO M6 Plus 5G. Rumor has it this phone is taking cues from the POCO M6 Pro 5G, rocking a crisp 1080p display, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 4 Gen 2 chipset, a hefty 8GB of RAM, and running on Xiaomi's own HyperOS.

Déjà vu? The POCO M6 Plus 5G is looking a lot like its POCO M6 siblings. (Image source: Xiaomi)

If you're keeping track, Xiaomi just dropped the POCO M6, a 4G phone that's a bit of a departure from the POCO M6 5G. This new leak would make the POCO M6 Plus 5G the *fifth* member of the POCO M6 family. Talk about keeping us on our toes!

The Google Play Console seems to have spilled the beans on some key specs, confirming that 1080p display and 8GB of RAM. It's also looking like the M6 Plus 5G will share the same Snapdragon 4 Gen 2 chipset and Android 14 OS as the POCO M6 Pro 5G.

So, where does this leave the M6 Plus 5G in the POCO lineup? It seems like Xiaomi is slotting it above the standard M6 models but below the POCO M6 Pro 4G (which you can snag for a cool $192.50 on Amazon right now!) and the POCO M6 Pro 5G.

No word yet on an official release date, but the fact that it's popped up on the Google Play Console with the model number '24065PC95I' has folks thinking it might be an India-exclusive launch.


Google Play Console via GSMArena & MySmartPrice

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