XREAL Air 2 Ultra: Affordable Apple Vision Pro Competitor?

The XREAL Air 2 Ultra boasts 120Hz displays, 500 nits brightness, spatial video support, and a $699 price tag. Could this be the affordable Vision Pro

XREAL Air 2 Ultra: A New Affordable Competitor to Apple Vision Pro?

XREAL has released an Ultra version of their already available Air 2 glasses. These new glasses boast impressive specs, including 120Hz displays with a peak brightness of 500 nits. Let's take a closer look at what makes this new offering stand out.

XREAL Air 2 Ultra

Spatial Awareness and Visual Fidelity:

The XREAL Air 2 Ultra features 6DOF (six degrees of freedom) sensors, enabling precise tracking of the user's position in space. This results in a more accurate and immersive spatial video experience. The glasses offer a 52-degree field of view (FOV) with a resolution of 42 pixels per degree (PPD), surpassing the Apple Vision Pro's 34 PPD. Furthermore, the built-in displays reach a peak brightness of 500 nits, delivering vibrant visuals. When viewing standard video content, the experience is said to be comparable to watching a 154-inch television from a distance of four meters.

Comfort and Compatibility:

Designed with comfort in mind, the headset features a lightweight titanium frame weighing just 80 grams. Adjustable temples further enhance comfort, and the glasses have received TÜV Rheinland certification, ensuring eye safety.

XREAL Air 2 Ultra

The XREAL Air 2 Ultra offers broad compatibility, working seamlessly with Mac and Windows computers, Android-powered Samsung smartphones, and iPhone 15 series devices. Moreover, they support Apple Spatial Video and can play spatial videos captured on iPhones (a feature introduced in iOS 17.2).

Availability and Price:

Currently, the XREAL Air 2 Ultra is available exclusively to developers at a price of $699.

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