How to Install Google Apps on Your Huawei Phone (Using microG)

Struggling to use popular apps on your Huawei phone? Unlock the power of Google Apps with our EASY guide! Learn how to install Gmail, Youtube, ect..

Guide: How to install Google apps on Huawei phones (Condensed)

This guide provides a condensed version of the original article, focusing on the key steps to install Google apps on Huawei phones using microG.

Huawei Phone


  • Huawei phones can no longer ship with Google services due to a trade ban.
  • Huawei's AppGallery lacks many popular apps.
  • GBox is a workaround but impacts battery life and performance.
  • microG offers a more integrated and reliable solution.


  • Huawei phone running EMUI 14.2 (Android 12) or later.


1. Install Aurora Store & microG:

  1. Download and install "Aurora Store" from the Huawei AppGallery.
  2. When prompted, install "microG Companion" and "microG Services".

2. Set up Aurora Store:

  1. Launch Aurora Store and select "Session Installer".
  2. Activate "" as the app store.
  3. Allow Aurora Store to install unknown apps.
  4. Grant necessary permissions.
  5. Log in with your Google account.

3. Install Essential Apps & Optimize microG:

  1. Install "Android System WebView" from Aurora Store.
  2. Install "Services Framework Proxy" APK from a trusted source (e.g., APKMirror).
  3. Enable all permissions for "microG Services" in Settings > Apps & Services > Apps.
  4. Enable "Always Allow" location access for microG Services.
  5. Set "Unlimited Data Access" for all microG apps in Special Access.

4. Sync Google Contacts (Optional):

  1. Install "Google Contacts Sync" APK from a trusted source.
  2. Grant contact access permissions.
  3. Enable contact syncing for your Google account in Settings > Users & Accounts.

5. Use Android Auto (Optional):

  1. Install "Android Auto", "Google Maps", and "Speech Recognition & Synthesis" from Aurora Store.
  2. Enable "Nearby Devices" permission for Android Auto.
  3. Connect your Huawei phone to your car's Android Auto system via USB.

microG: A Step in the Right Direction

Despite these minor drawbacks, microG is a significant step forward for Huawei users. It grants access to a vast library of essential and popular apps, making your Huawei phone a more versatile and user-friendly experience.

Looking for a Shortcut?

If this blog post feels overwhelming, fear not! Our friends at have created a handy video tutorial to guide you through the installation process. Check it out to get started on your microG journey! (or) Want to get started quickly? Check out our video tutorial!

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