Google Extends Pixel 8 Display Warranty to 3 Years After Reported Issues

Experiencing display problems with your Google Pixel 8? Google launches a repair program offering 3 years of free service to address reported issues.

Google Pixel 8 Owners Report Annoying Display Lines, Google Extends Repairs

The Google Pixel 8 ( grab a limited-time deal on Amazon! ) has been turning heads with its sleek design and impressive camera, but some early adopters have encountered an unwelcome surprise: a mysterious vertical line appearing on their screens.

Google Pixel 8
Uh oh! This isn't what you want to see on your brand new Pixel 8. (Image: Google)

This line, which can vary in color and intensity, has been spotted by a growing number of Pixel 8 owners. For some, it's a constant annoyance, while others only see it in certain apps or under specific conditions. Google, acknowledging the issue, has typically been repairing affected devices under the phone's standard one-year warranty.

**Good news for Pixel 8 owners!** To address the display concerns, Google has announced an extended repair program, offering free repairs for eligible Pixel 8 devices experiencing this issue for up to *three years* from the purchase date. This program also covers instances of display flickering. However, there's a catch: not all Pixel 8s are covered.

To find out if your phone qualifies for the extended repair program, you'll need to contact Google directly or reach out to an authorized repair service provider. They can check your Pixel 8's serial number to confirm eligibility.

Keep in mind that this program doesn't cover accidental damage. If your Pixel 8 has a cracked screen or water damage, you'll likely face repair charges. Before sending your phone in for repair, make sure to back up your data to your Google account and activate the Pixel 8's repair mode for a smooth process.

Google Pixel 8 - Image by u/Chance-Climate4509 on Reddit
(Image: u/Chance-Climate4509, Reddit)
Google Pixel 8 - Image by u/darknees90 on Reddit
(Image: u/darknees90, Reddit)

For those experiencing this display glitch, it's definitely a good idea to reach out to Google or an authorized repair provider ASAP to see if your Pixel 8 qualifies for the extended repair program.


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