Faster Android Updates Coming Soon, Promises Qualcomm

Qualcomm is working to make Android updates faster and easier for manufacturers. Find out how this could mean quicker updates for your phone.

Qualcomm Promises Faster Android Updates

While Android updates have gotten significantly better in recent years, they still lag behind in terms of speed, especially compared to the gold standard set by Apple. Qualcomm, the leading chip manufacturer for Android devices, is aiming to tackle this problem by simplifying the update process for device manufacturers.


Although many companies have extended the support lifespan for their devices, Google still releases Android updates with a considerable delay compared to other manufacturers. This is partly due to Qualcomm and MediaTek discontinuing support for older chips as they release new models.

In an interview with Android Authority, Chris Patrick, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Qualcomm's mobile phone division, spoke about the company's efforts to accelerate and simplify the release of updates for OEMs. He acknowledged that regularly releasing Android updates and security patches is both expensive and complex.


“We've been working for the past couple of years with Google and the OEMs on changing the architecture of the software — kind of changing the plumbing underneath so that we can make these updates happen,” said Patrick.

Qualcomm plans to make further announcements later this year, detailing exactly how they will facilitate faster Android updates for users.

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