AMD FSR 3.1 Arrives on Lenovo Legion Go: Big Performance Gains

AMD's latest upscaling tech, FSR 3.1, is now available on the Lenovo Legion Go handheld gaming PC. Early tests show significant frame rate improvement

Lenovo Legion Go Gets Huge Performance Boost with AMD FSR 3.1 and Frame Generation

The Lenovo Legion Go just got even better for gamers thanks to a new update that brings AMD FSR 3.1 and frame generation support. Early tests show this dynamic duo nearly doubles frame rates in some games, pushing the handheld's performance to new heights.

Lenovo Legion Go Gets Huge Performance Boost with AMD FSR 3.1 and Frame Generation

YouTuber ETA Prime, known for in-depth hardware testing, put the updated Legion Go through its paces, showcasing the impressive gains in four demanding titles:

  • Spider-Man Miles Morales: Leaped from ~45 FPS to over 70 FPS (1080p, Medium settings, FSR Balanced)
  • Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart: Jumped from ~40 FPS to a smooth ~60 FPS (1080p, Medium settings, FSR Balanced)
  • Ghost of Tsushima: Improved from ~55 FPS to ~70 FPS (1080p, Medium settings, FSR Balanced + Frame Generation)
  • Horizon Forbidden West: Achieved a playable ~60 FPS with a custom low preset at 900p, FSR Performance mode, and Frame Generation enabled.

Key Takeaways:

  • AMD FSR 3.1 with frame generation significantly boosts performance on the Lenovo Legion Go, even in demanding AAA titles.
  • Not all games currently support these technologies, but AMD is actively working to expand compatibility.
  • The Legion Go also received a software update with a redesigned interface, improved fan controls, and more.

This update makes the Lenovo Legion Go an even more compelling option for gamers seeking a powerful and portable gaming experience.

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