L.A. Noire Sequel Rumors Debunked: It Was All a Misunderstanding

Rumors of a new game from the creators of L.A. Noire spread like wildfire, but the truth is far less exciting. Find out what really happened.

Media Outlets Jump the Gun on New Game From L.A. Noire Developers

It seems the internet was a little too eager to believe rumors of a spiritual successor to L.A. Noire, showcasing how quickly misinformation can spread online.

Media Outlets Jump the Gun on New Game From L.A. Noire Developers

The rumor mill started churning after music producer Freya Garbett posted on social media about working on a "big project" composing music for a game by the creators of L.A. Noire. Garbett even went so far as to reveal the title, claiming it was called "Sowden House." This sent the gaming community into a frenzy, with major gaming outlets quickly picking up the story without confirming its validity.

However, the developers at Video Games Deluxe, the studio supposedly behind this "upcoming hit," were quick to set the record straight.

Turns out, everyone had jumped to conclusions. Video Games Deluxe clarified they are currently busy fulfilling contracts for Rockstar Games. While they did collaborate with Garbett several years ago, it was for a tech demo of a minor VR project, not a full-fledged L.A. Noire successor. The team is unsure if that project will ever see the light of day but felt it was important to finalize the music score to fulfill their agreement with the composer.

Following the studio's statement, Freya Garbett swiftly removed all her social media posts referencing the supposed "major" collaboration.

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