BYD Qin L: 2700km+ Range Test Proves Hybrid Efficiency

BYD's new Qin L hybrid sets a new standard for range, achieving over 2700 kilometers in a single tank. Discover how this innovative vehicle .

BYD Qin L Exceeds Expectations, Covers Over 2700 Kilometers on a Single Tank

Chinese auto giant BYD has shared impressive results from a large-scale testing campaign for its new BYD Qin L hybrid sedan. Hundreds of journalists and bloggers were given the opportunity to put the car through its paces, and in one instance, the vehicle surpassed its official range by more than 30%.

BYD Qin L Exceeds Expectations, Covers Over 2700 Kilometers on a Single Tank

Lu Tian, BYD's general manager of sales, highlighted a test route that stretched from Xi'an to Dunhuang. Over 95% of this journey took place on highways, with the car consistently climbing in altitude. The vehicle was driven in hybrid mode with "Eco" settings enabled. Throughout the entire trip, the air conditioning system operated automatically, maintaining a comfortable 24°C (75°F) inside the cabin.

Impressively, the hybrid, powered by a fifth-generation DM-i powertrain, covered 2727 kilometers (1694 miles) on a single tank before coming to a complete stop. This achievement is particularly notable considering it was accomplished using the base model with the smallest battery pack, which offers a mere 80 kilometers (50 miles) of electric-only range.

BYD Qin L Exceeds Expectations, Covers Over 2700 Kilometers on a Single Tank

In another test run, the top-of-the-line BYD Qin L, equipped with a larger 120-kilometer (75-mile) battery, achieved a remarkable 2266 kilometers (1408 miles) on a single tank. This figure surpasses the manufacturer's stated range of 2100 kilometers (1305 miles).

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