Epic vs. Apple: Games Store Blocked From iOS in EU

Despite the EU's Digital Markets Act, Apple rejects Epic's app store for iOS, citing design similarities. Epic files a complaint.

Apple Rejects Epic Games Store Notarization, Again!

The battle between Apple and Epic Games continues as Apple rejects the Epic Games Store's notarization submission for the second time, preventing its release on iOS in the EU.

Apple Rejects Epic Games Store Notarization, Again!

Despite the recent implementation of the Digital Markets Act (DMA) in the EU, which aims to open up alternative app stores, Epic Games faces another hurdle in bringing its storefront to iOS users. Apple claims the rejection stems from the Epic Games Store's design mirroring the Apple App Store too closely, citing issues like:

  • The "Install" button being too close to Apple's "Get" button.
  • The "in-app purchase" labeling being too similar.

Epic Games argues that these design choices are industry standards and accuses Apple of unfair and obstructive practices that violate the DMA. The company has filed a complaint with the European Commission, seeking intervention.

Interestingly, while rejecting the Epic Games Store, Apple has approved the distribution of Fortnite on iOS. However, this approval doesn't extend to the Epic Games Store itself, highlighting the ongoing conflict between the two companies.

This situation raises questions about Apple's commitment to the DMA and fair competition within the EU app market. The European Commission's response to Epic Games' complaint could have significant implications for the future of app distribution.

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