Generative AI & Phishing Top Cybersecurity Concerns in 2024

A new survey reveals that security experts are most concerned about generative AI and phishing attacks in 2024. Learn more .

Generative AI and Phishing Top Security Experts' Concerns, Survey Finds

While many IT professionals express confidence in their cybersecurity defenses, a new survey highlights growing anxieties over generative AI and phishing attacks.

Generative AI and Phishing Top Security Experts' Concerns, Survey Finds

A July 2024 study conducted by Censuswide for Bitdefender reveals that a significant majority of security experts consider generative AI a serious threat to businesses. This concern is compounded by the fact that over half of respondents reported experiencing a recent data breach, despite 74% expressing confidence in their IT department's ability to mitigate threats.

The study, which surveyed security professionals at large corporations across seven developed nations, found that phishing attacks remain a top concern. However, the emergence of deepfakes—highly realistic AI-generated videos used for malicious purposes—represents a new and evolving phishing threat.

Other significant concerns highlighted by the survey include:

  • Poor software design: Software vulnerabilities stemming from poor design practices leave organizations open to attacks.
  • Ransomware attacks: These attacks continue to pose a significant threat, disrupting operations and extorting businesses.
  • Zero-day threats: Exploiting vulnerabilities unknown to software developers, these attacks are particularly difficult to defend against.

Adding to these concerns, the study also found that only 45% of respondents conduct regular security audits, highlighting a potential gap in security practices. Additionally, misconfigured IAM policies were identified as a key concern for cloud security.

The survey underscores the need for organizations to adapt their cybersecurity strategies to address the evolving threat landscape, particularly the dangers posed by generative AI and increasingly sophisticated phishing techniques.

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