Minisforum UH125 Pro: Affordable Meteor Lake Mini PC Released

Minisforum launches the UH125 Pro, a budget-friendly mini PC with Intel Core Ultra 5 125H processor and OCuLink support. Starts at $439.

Minisforum UH125 Pro: Budget-Friendly Meteor Lake Mini PC

Minisforum has released the UH125 Pro, a more affordable version of its AtomMan X7 Ti mini PC. Powered by an Intel Core Ultra 5 125H processor, the UH125 Pro starts at $439.

Minisforum UH125 Pro

Following the launch of the high-end AtomMan X7 Ti with a Core Ultra 9 185H, Minisforum now offers a budget-friendly option within the Meteor Lake lineup. The UH125 Pro, while equipped with a less powerful Core Ultra 5 125H processor, retains key features like the OCuLink port for eGPU connectivity.

Key Differences from AtomMan X7 Ti:

  • Processor: Core Ultra 5 125H vs. Core Ultra 9 185H
  • Design: No built-in display or webcam
  • Price: Starts at $439 vs. $699
Minisforum UH125 Pro

Notable Features:

  • OCuLink port for eGPU support
  • Two USB4 ports
  • Dedicated Copilot button
  • Up to 96GB DDR5 RAM
  • Two M.2 PCIe 4.0 slots for SSDs
  • WiFi 6E and Bluetooth 5.3
Minisforum UH125 Pro


  • Barebone: $439
  • 32GB RAM + 1TB storage: $639

The Minisforum UH125 Pro offers a compelling option for users seeking a compact and affordable Meteor Lake-powered mini PC.

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